Your Body’s Energy Wheels

Did you know that you have 8 Energy Wheels in your body?

Why is this important and how does this affect your health?

Well, Energy Centres exchange energy (Qi) with the Universe. Due to the properties of the Energy and the Energy Centres, you can see a “flying wheel” spinning at the Energy Centre.

If the Energy Wheel is spinning in the correct direction, the Energy Centre is normal and the organ associated with the Energy Centre is receiving energy and is in good health.

If the organ (heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, etc) is not well, the Energy Wheel can be:

  1. Spinning too slow
  2. Spinning too fast
  3. Not spinning at all
  4. Tilted
  5. Etc…


Here is a quick example.  Do your feel tired often?
The tiredness could be due to the Energy Wheel at the top of your head spinning too slow or in the wrong direction.
When you recognize what has happened you can correct it. Spin the wheel in the right direction and you immediately feel energized! Quick and simple!

Join Sifu James Foo for a special day of easy to use and powerful ways of learning the power of your Energy Wheels and improving your health.

This, by demand class, is only taught once a year.

You can attend live at the beautiful Kingbridge Conference Centre or in the comfort of your living room via livestream!

Be sure to register immediately as live class size is limited to only 25 participants due to room size!


Here are all your details:

The Energy Wheels and Your Health with Sifu James Foo

Date:  Sunday, January 24, 2016
Time:  10:00am to 4:00pm

Live location:  Kingbridge Conference Centre, 12750 Jane Street, King City, ON, L7B 1A3
Livestream location:  Your computer, your home!

Attending Live:  $150  (coffee and tea included, bring your own lunch)
Attending Livestream:  $75

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