Feng Shui Consultation

Integral Feng Shui is to create positive environment. It is to study the different types of energy, the chi, that come into the house. It comes in through doors, windows and through the pores of the walls. Once it gets in, it fills the house. This chi will influence all things in the house, especially YOU.
Your Feng Shui consultation will include:

  • Identify which element you belong to: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood
  • Analyses the 4 Pillars to better understand which elements works for you or against you
  • Walk through your environment (house or office) including external and internal surroundings
  • Provide solution on how you can create positive environmental impact and minimize any negative impact
  • Readings of your environment using the flying star chart
  • Provide understanding of the yin yang principle
  • Bring harmony into your life that troubles you, whether it’s health issue, financial issue, family problems, children’s education, legal matters, or martial problems

Have a private Feng Shui Consultation performed by Master James Foo to locate the auspicious areas in your living and/or working space for you.

Fees: $500 and up
Location: Your living space (work or home)