James-foo-aboutJames Foo has been involved in energy work and alternative healing for over 20 years. He is a highly sought-after Qi Gong and Feng Shui Master who conducts Feng Shui audits for businesses and individuals in Canada, London, UK and occasionally in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.  James has also assisted many clients to heal their bodies with his Chi-Matic Healing modality.

James was born with the capacity to see energy and how it moves. He was trained by Allen Wright, a psychic on the art of communication with the spirit world. As a result of this sensitivity he developed an understanding of how to re-balance the chi in our organs to recover from sickness and improve our health. He also teaches people to see auras and do remote healing and devotes much of his time developing the Chi-Matic Healing modality. In these classes he teaches about energy (called Chi), how to feel it and what to do with it. He continues to explore and expand the boundaries of this research.

James Foo’s Feng Shui teacher was Master Francis Yip of Toronto. He now combines his gift of seeing, feeling and tasting of chi with the Art of Feng Shui and he also utilizes the Four Pillars of Destiny Method.

He holds a degree in Science from Sussex University, England and a Computer Science degree from Imperial College.
He is currently Vice Chair of Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation and Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee. He is also a Board of Director of the Friends of Alternative & Complementary Therapies Society (FACT).