Intro to Feeling Energy

Qi Gong is about balancing health; to create a healthy body and mind in harmony.
You feel energized when the sun is shining. This is the Star/Heavenly energy. You feel energized, peaceful and happy when among mountains, the sea, or Mother Nature. This is the Earth energy. You feel energized when you have a good night sleep. You feel energized when you are in good health, eating well and worry free. This is your (own) energy.
Find a quite place and try this exercise to see if you can feel Qi.

  1. Relax
  2. Let your arms hang down at your sides. Raise your palm up 90 degrees
  3. Now, pay attention to the middle of the palm.
  4. Do you feel a breeze there?

That is the energy called Qi.

There are methods to improve your Qi energy with body and mind exercise that will also improve your positive energy. To find out more, sign up with James to learn more about Qi Gong g and how you can use Qi for self-healing, improve your health and attract more positive energy around you.