Energy Paper

How to Use the Energy Paper (EP)

The Energy Paper (EP) was given to assist to raise your vibration and humanity’s vibration.
The “No Me” concept is an important part of the Energy Paper. By “No Me” we refer to the state of when you are no longer your ego but are aware, connected and a part of “All That Is”.  When wearing the EP allow yourself to be in a state of “No Me”.
Both versions of the EP will also assist to open up the pineal gland.

IMPORTANT:  Print only 1 copy of  the Energy Paper at a time!
When you print multiple copies at once it weakens the strength of the paper.
Do not photocopy the paper as this also weakens the strength of the paper (reduces it by 50%).
You can always print as many copies as you need, just be sure to print one at a time.

For strongest energy print a new Energy Code paper, use it for 3 days and then print a new one.

There are currently 2 forms of the EP – a single code and and double code.
The single code is a stronger streaming of energy and is very efficient at cleaning water and bring it up to a high vibration to support the body.

The double code EP has 2 targets:
1. The pineal gland
2. Where ever you want to send the intention for healing/reset/restore for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.
***It is very important that when using the Energy Paper that you open yourself to ASSIST ALL and not just focus on your current condition.  Print, use the EP and stay Neutral and Open to receive.

When using the EP place the printed number side facing the body. If using the paper to clean water place the printed number side facing the water (think of it as the water reading the code).
Wear the code level. Make sure it is not upside down or slanted.

– Use it to remove headaches
– Use it to remove physical pain – place it on the area that you have pain
– Place it under your pillow for a deeper and more restful sleep
– Wear one on your body daily. You will find that this assists to feel more peaceful and neutral and better able to handle everyday stresses.
– Use it during your meditations.  You will find it easier to quiet the mind and will go into a deeper state during meditation

– Do not leave the Energy Paper on your cell phone
– Do not leave the Energy Paper on money – don’t throw it in your purse where it will be beside your wallet
Do not write on the paper, rip or cut the paper.  You may however fold it into a smaller size.
– Do not use the energy paper to harm another being, doing so will cause your energy to be drained.