My dog Pascha

We were at my sister’s for Thanksgiving dinner on that weekend; on Thanksgiving morning Pascha my dog began to act strangely. We drove home and I took him immediately to the vet. One of three things has happened; he has vestibular disease, he has had a stroke or he has a brain tumour.

Pascha spent six days in the treatment room at hospital on anti-nausea meds and full lactate-ringer’s IV and since then I have been giving him ringer’s at home under the skin. He has not been able to walk properly and is nauseated, has a 50 degree head tilt to the right and walks continuously in circles to the right hand side until he eventually falls. He cannot walk up or down stairs unassisted, and his symptoms and recovery have plateaued over the past three days.

Last night I was exhausted from working and looking after the dog. My sister and I have been having conversations about the Sifu James’ Energy Paper. I decided to print the double target code and put it under the sheet on his bed. He slept (for the first time in two weeks) from 9 pm until 8 am this morning, and when he got up I noticed that the head tilt is dramatically reduced. He required little to no assistance to descend the stairs either.

I haven’t any proof that the energy paper did the trick; indeed he has been experiencing a few other medical treatments at the same time. The only thing I can say (and that I fully BELIEVE) is that his recovery was plateaued until this morning, the Energy Paper was under his body all night, and…..

THANK YOU. I wish I could show you ‘before and after’ pictures, but I didn’t take any.


Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

More than 15 years ago, I became very sick and have been diagnose with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I experimented different modalities of treatment to get better, resulting with minimum or no success except for Qi-Gong practice who helped me.

Few years ago, Angela Fung talked to me about a workshop with Sifu James to Ottawa. I decided to go and I’m still following the workshop with Sifu James since he’s coming to Ottawa. My health has been dramatically changed since. At the beginning of the first class I was so tired, I was not able to follow a full day class. With his help my level of energy keeps rising up .

Two years ago, I suffered of debilitating neck pain, stiffness, pain and tingling in the hands and arms. The neurologist diagnosed spinal stenosis caused by cervical hernia ( MRI ). When I assisted at Level 2 on structure with Sifu James, he found an imbalance at the bottom of my skull and helped me to correct this imbalance and to get rid of it.

Now, living without pain and having a lot more energy, is a priceless gift I can enjoy everyday.

Thank you Sifu James and thank you Angela for giving me access to live healthier on different ways : physical, emotional and spiritual.


Retired R.N. and DVM.

My skin has been doing better than it has in months, and I found out that my tooth abscess does NOT need a root canal!! I can’t thank you enough for the advice. I am very grateful to you and Sifu James Foo for sharing your wonderful energies. I have also been sleeping sounder than I have in 6 months since wearing the energy paper taped to me all day, sleeping with it under my pillow, and clearing all drinking water with it.
Many blessings and much love to you!
– Cameron

I had a parathyroid disorder for more than 10 years. Western specialists were treating it with medications and had sentenced me to surgery. I visited Sifu James and as I was relaxing on the table I felt as if my glands were ‘flipped’ as he was delivering me energy healing. My parathyroids went back to almost normal and I very gladly cancelled the surgery to the disbelief of the surgeon. I am humbly grateful to Sifu James.
– Prof. Marcelo Saavedra-Varga

I had a serious injury on my left leg below the knee and especially the ankle from getting hit by a car 43 years ago. I could hardly bend my foot to walk properly. Sifu James manipulated the bones on the front of my foot at the ankle joint and I had immediate relief and no issues since.
– Lynda A

When I was diagnosed with gallbladder stones and had a 17 millimeters long polyp on my gallbladder. I became very interested to learn about Chi Gong Healing. Antonia and Master James Foo came highly recommended and I immediately joined the 3 Day Chi Gong Seminar. I very much enjoyed the exposure to a new way of healing. Master James spent extra time with me during every session, helping me with my illness and encouraging me with “you are OK”. Upon later examination of the gallbladder, it showed no stones and the polyp was only 2 millimeters long. Wow! Thank you Master James, Antonia and Chi Gong Healing! Believe it!
– M. Radiceva

Posted on April 30, 2014
I am very happy and grateful to James! After 20 plus years of an issue with my foot that kept me awake at night and at times had to stop the car to hold my foot as it was so painful, it is finally resolved! I had seen many people about this issue with NO results. James’s work is very natural and different than what I was accustomed to but it works. I have never felt better after working with him. Thank you so very much James !
– P Nagle, Burlington

My first experience with energy healing was pretty much miraculous.
After the introductory 3 day seminar, I was actually able to help heal myself and others.
Truly a life altering lesson.
Thanks James.
J. Brant

James’ assistance has been paradigm-shifting and profound. If you can commit to temporarily suspending your current concept of reality and apply some personal discipline, he can help you shift your life-experience in a visceral and profound way.

-P. Nelson