Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 7

Rice and Energy Paper month 7 update from Antonia Hagens:

As can be seen from the new picture, the Energy Paper is continuing to assist the rice to stay whole. For those of you who are new to my fun little experiment with Sifu James Foo’s Energy Paper and rice, you can look back over the earlier months to see all the changes.

Sifu James Foo created the Energy Paper to assist you to raise your vibration and better facilitate healing. Why is this essential at this time? Humanity and the planet are on a journey of incredible change. The Energy Paper will aid you to a level of neutrality so that, as issues and difficulties emerge, you can be in a clearer state to make  on your choices.

Many have likewise reported incredible support with physical healings, sleeping better, feeling more calm and peaceful, feeling more grounded, less physical pain and more while they wear the Energy paper.