Rice and Energy Paper Experiment Month 4

Hello there Amazing Ones!

This is Antonia Hagens giving you an update on the Energy Paper and Rice Experiement.

Time for update on the Energy Paper and Rice Experiment. We are presently on month four and it’s obvious, the results represent themselves!!! They are astonishing!!! It’s currently been four months since I thought I would explore different avenues regarding Sifu James Foo’s Energy Paper. The Energy Paper was initially made by Sifu James to help the body to recuperate, repair DNA, and raise your vibration.

Guidelines on the easy to use Energy Paper can be found by clicking here. Please make the time to listen to the 40 minutes instructional audio that we have created to assist you with knowing how to best use the Energy Paper. Use it to support yourself, your family and friends. Message us back your input and results.

Here is Cameron’s astonishing results from utilizing the Energy Paper – Abscessed Tooth Healed!

Thank You soo much!!! 🙂
My skin has been doing better than it has in months, and I found out that my tooth abscess does NOT need a root canal!! I can’t thank you enough for the advice. I am very grateful to you and Sifu James Foo for sharing your wonderful energies. I have also been sleeping sounder than I have in 6 months since wearing the energy paper taped to me all day, sleeping with it under my pillow, and clearing all drinking water with it.
Many blessings and much love to you! <3
– Cameron