List of Future Events with Sifu James

Please mark your calendar and SIGN UP NOW for the upcoming Qimatic Centre events:


November 8:  Five Elements Qi Gong with Sifu David and Sifu James, Toronto

November 21& 22:  Qi Gong Level 5 (newly revised), Toronto

December 5:  Qimatic Centre Annual Potluck Party & a talk on Feng Shui for 2016, Toronto



January 23:  Energy Wheel (Live and tentative Livestream), Kingbridge


April 2:  Open Mind 2016 Seminar in Ottawa

May 13 to 15:   Ottawa Retreat (Limitless)

June 24-26:  Toronto Retreat (New Template) with Franco DeNicola and Sifu James

And more to come….

Details for each event to follow.

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Contact Sarah Kwan or Antonia Hagens to sign up for Toronto events:

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