Energy Paper: How to Best Use It and How It Assists with Sifu James Foo

As you all know Sifu James Foo has been working with the Energy Paper to assist humanity in this shift that we moving through.  Back on March 18th, 2014 I thought I would run a little fun experiment.  That night I cooked some extra rice so that I could test out the Energy Paper.  I put 5 tablespoons each of rice into 2 identical jars.  Then I securely put the lids on. To one jar I taped on an Energy Paper.  To the other jar I attached a plane paper.  I wanted the conditions to be as identical as possible.  Both jars where then put in the cupboard above my stove.  Often I forgot that they were even there.  When we had any of the Qi Gong events I would bring them down so that we could all see how it was progressing. Other than that, they were left alone.

As of today it has been just over three months that I have kept the jars in my kitchen cupboard.  They have never been opened or modified in any way.  You can CLEARLY see the difference that the Energy Paper has made!!!!  I did not set any intention to this experiment other than to just be open to seeing what could happen.

The Energy Paper is to assist you and humanity.  If the soul still requires to have an experience, it will. However, I do find that using the paper allows you to stay in a state of peace, love and neutrality.

Join Sifu James Foo and I tonight for a quick thirty minute call on the Energy Paper: How to Best Use It and How It Assists.

Here are your call details:

Title: Energy Paper: How to Best Use It and How It Assists with Sifu James Foo

Time: Thursday, June 26th at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

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To attend via telephone: (425) 440-5100, Pin Code: 171508#

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You can easily download the Energy Paper from the Masterpiece Life site by Clicking Here or from Sifu James Foo’s site by Clicking Here.

***The Energy Paper was created to assist humanity and for the Highest Good of All.  It is NOT to be used for self-gain or to harm anyone. Using the paper to harm or for ego driven purposes will take your energy away.