DNA Medallion

Use of the DNA Energizer Medallion
Activate the Energy Matrix on the Medallion


1. Place the medallion on your sternum three (3) fingers below the collarbone. Feel along the sternum bone for a flat spot—that’s the location. The energy matrix is lasered into the blank side, and touches the skin.
2. Call “528 DNA Energizer Activate”.

If the medallion is in the correct location, you’ll feel warmth under it upon activation. Energy is being drawn into the body.

Note: After the matrix is activated, you may carry the medallion in a pocket or within four (4) inches of your body with the same benefit.

Healing With the Medallion

1. Focus on the physical issue you want to heal, intend to heal your body, or focus on another person.

2. Call “528 DNA Energizer Activate.”

Note: If you intend to heal the body in general, the energy will first open the nasal passages so you can breathe more easily. Then the energy moves to the neck, and so on.

Heal Yourself Without the Medallion

After several uses of the medallion, the energy matrix will be imprinted on your body.

To activate the imprinted energy:

1. Focus on the issue you want to heal.

2. Call “528 DNA Energizer Activate.”