528 Energy Coaster

How to Use the 528 Energizer Coaster

Energizing Consumables

1. Fill a container with liquid or food. It can be water, soup, pasta, etc. It can also be hot or cold.

2. Place the container on the coaster with the matrix face-up.

Note:  The container can be made of any material, such as glass, corning ware, stainless steel, plastic, etc.   The energizing process takes about 15 seconds. Then you can consume what is in the container.

Healing Oneself

1. Write the substance that your body needs on a transparent piece of plastic. (*)

2. Place the transparency on the coaster as shown in the picture.

3. Place the container with content to be consumed on top of the transparency

(*) Examples include the name or symbol for a mineral, vitamin, hormone.
For example: GcMAF for immune system.

Assisting in Healing Others

1. Write the supportive message on a piece of transparency.

2. Place the transparency with the message on the coaster aligned with the  numbers on the matrix. (*)

3. Place the photo of the person or the name of the person receiving healing face-up on top of the transparency.

(*) Make sure the words in the message and the matrix numbers are in the same direction.

Other Uses

1. Place the coaster on a painful part of the body with numbers facing the pain area and the top of the coaster pointing toward the head. See red arrow.

2. You can stack a few coasters together to amplify the power. (*)

(*) When stacking the coasters, make sure that the numbers are all facing in the same direction (facing pain area and top of the coasters pointing toward the head.).

Many thanks and love to Sifu James Foo who has created, continuously tested and made possible the 528 Energizer Coaster. You can find out more about Sifu James’ incredible work at:  www.JamesFoo.ca